[News] Panic! At The Disco x River Cuomo Collaboration On The Way?

In January word got out that Panic! At The Disco were set to release their 3rd studio album Vices and Virtues which has been penned in for a March the 8th release date. The lead single, "The Ballad Of Mona Lisa" has since been released to the world and it was pretty catchy, as well as another progression from their last LP. It's also the first album they wrote without Ryan Ross, who had previously been at the helm for the bands writing duties. This left frontman Brendon Urie to step up to the plate and step out of his comfort zone.

To ease the band into their new duties they set up an afternoon writing session, which the band say was "Foreign to them" as they'd previously never had to do such a thing. However, although being "skeptical and apprehensive" about the session they had it with Weezer frontman and all around cool guy Rivers Cuomo. Having never met him but being well aware of the work he did and looking up to him, it was a nice experience. The song they wrote together head the "tentative title, "Freckles'". As to what they are to do with the track who know, maybe a B-Side they hint. Check out the interview at the top and watch this space for the possible release from Rivers and Panic!