[Watch] Starfucker - "Quality Time" (Video) x 'Reptillians' (Full Album Stream)

Here we have some interesting visuals from the Portland based band, Starfucker and their track "Quality Time". The video starts off with an average looking college/house party going on with a bunch of 20 somethings wearing Toga's. Now this is when the host answers the door to an interesting character who you is fashioning some interesting eye makeup. He then introduces the parties host to the music on his Sony Walkmen and places the headphones on said hosts head. The party freezes and this leaves the unusual looking guest to run riot at the party by undressing, vandalising party guests and fondling the odd person along the way. The track draws to a close and the host awakens from his frozen musical trance to find himself and the rest of the party goers stood in their underwear with beers in hand. The party then turns into an absolute gem of a night if you ask me and everyone begins to dance like madmen and the moral of this is? Listen to Starfucker and your party will be great!

As well as the intriguing video you can take a listen to their new album in all of its electronical goodness below too. It features this track and goes by the title of Reptillians. You can pre-order yourselves a copy of the new LP over here. Anybody now want to have a Toga Party in the hope of this being the end result? 

STRFKR - Reptilians by Polyvinyl Records