[Download] Benjamin Francis Leftwich - "Atlantic City" (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

Last year I got a little excited by an artist being plugged by Radio One's Zane Lowe, the man in question was Benjamin Francis Leftwich and the reason why was his track, "Atlas Hands". After the success of his second EP Pictures he ended up supporting Noah & The Whale and getting a little bit more attention. Now, finally we get word of his debut full length LP Last Smoke Before The Snow Storm which will be preceded by his first single from the album "Box of Stones". The single will hit stores on June the 6th via indie label Dirty Hit woith the album following shortly after. To celebrate he’s giving away an awesome cover of the Bosses "Atlantic City". Check out his rendition of Bruce Springsteen's track below and look out for more from this guy in the coming months, I know I will be.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Atlantic City by dirty hit