[SKOA Presents] Nikki Kummerow - Firecracker (Full Album Stream)

Australia's folk songstress Nikki Kummerow's self-released debut album Firecracker hit digital shelves today. You may have been fortunate enough to catch her during SXSW at her small handful of shows. If you didn't, you missed out on a gorgeous set of pipes used to broadcast a girl's soul searching all set to airy folk melodies. With the help of producer Aaron Marsh (frontman of now defunct Copeland), Kummerow has crafted Firecracker to almost read like a diary. On the track, "It's Come To My Attention", she bravely sings, "It's come to my attention / that I don't know the state of my soul / while everyone around me / is breaking their back not to know". It's this sort of self-reflection that makes you feel almost as if you're having an intimate conversation with a close friend.

For a mere $7.99 you can pick up Firecracker for yourself. If you need a moment to curl up with Nikki Kummerow yourself, you may stream the album entirely below.

Nikki Kummerow - Firecracker : 4.0 out of 5