[Watch] Foo Fighters Perform 'Wasting Light' In Full at 606

Wow, we left it nearly 3 full days without a Foo Fighters post, makes a nice change huh? But, you can hardly blame us when after 15 years they still keep us on our toes with great new music, as well as old rarities. This video will be a welcome little bonus for you Foo Fighting lovers out there. Feast your eyes on the bands live recording that was especially for the Back and Forth Documentary that had special showings the world over a few weeks back. A great little insight into the Foo's and their history wasn't enough though, no. The band recorded this literally two days before the world wide release of the documentary and it's a solid performance of their great new album, Wasting Light

Featuring very few pauses for the guys the catch their breath between songs, you'll see the band rip through the album, all whilst smiling like a bunch of kids on Halloween with a buckets full of sweets and chocolate! Special note for the performance of "I Should Have Known" where Pat brings out a double necked guitar/bass combo to throw in some grungy bass a la Krist Novoselic . It's quite simply an outstanding performance. Check it.

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