[Listen] Manchester Orchestra - "Virgin"

Last night, as we mentioned, Manchester Orchestra debuted a brand new track from their forthcoming album, Simple Math. The track which they played for everyone watching was titled "Virgin" and they have been kind enough to now upload it to Soundcloud for us to all enjoy on repeat. Good God, it's good. With a slow building intro leading into Andy Hull's raspy voice, before a layer of guitars crunching along together to a powerful riff joins the . Add to this a children's choir and some horns and the results are breathtaking. I'd take my hat off to anyone who's neck hairs aren't stood to attention by the end of the 4 minutes and 28 seconds. If the rest of the album is like this then we all have a treat in store come May. 

The album, Simple Math, drops on May 10th and you can pre-order it over here. Before you do that give this track a listen though. 

Virgin by Manchester Orchestra