[Watch] Calvin Harris - "Bounce" Feat. Kelis (Video)

Although, Calvin's last track "Awooga" was a bit of a bore and too housey for my tastes, his recent single "Bounce" has grown on me alot. The only thing that I know alot of die hard fan is Calvin back on the vocals, however, Kelis does an awesome job on this track still keeping in a style Calvin Harris fans can appreciate, even with her Nas referencing lyrics. The beat has that similar sound of his previous single "Awooga" but has a little bit more to it like it could have been recorded for his last record Ready For The Weekend.

Check out the awesome video above directed by Vincent Haycock and also features guest vocalist Kelis. The video was recorded in the wonderful party city of Las Vegas and features a guy who is recently dumped by his girl, wandering around Vegas looking for a good time. It feels very much like the movie Kids or even Trainspotting. Good shit, Mr. Harris.