[Watch] Calvin Harris - "Awooga" (Video)

Calvin Harris just tweeted the video for his new track titled "Awooga". Considering it's an instrumental track I guess it's a fitting title. The song will be available on Beatport March 21st, so you can pick it up if you so desire. 

I have been sitting here for a few minutes trying to force myself to like this, but this really falls short of the standard he's already set for himself. I know last November he said that he was going to focus on DJing and producing thus quitting the singing aspect of his music, but if this is what we're going to be getting from him from now on, he should maybe consider at least throwing someone's vocals on tracks like these. Especially if he's going to put out something that's subpar of what we're used to hearing from him. As I've been writing this post, he just posted a follow up tweet saying that, "Awooga is the first track of many from me this year...some club tracks, some vocal, some me singing, some other people singing!" So perhaps this is somewhat of a false start for his next album?

At least the video is cool. I like the references to things he's talked about on Twitter + Jam TV (RIP).

If anything this song makes me want to listen to Tiesto's "Century", which features vocals from Calvin Harris. 

Am I nuts? I just can't throw my heart into this? Would love to hear what you guys think about this new direction he's heading in.