[Listen] Limp Bizkit - "Shotgun"

I already know i'm gonna get shit from friends and fans for posting this. You would think after all the feedback we got from the last Limp Bizkit post, I'd learn my lesson. Nah. We post new music of bands we like, or we liked back in the day and still have some slight 1% chance of hope for. I said slight chance.

Anyways, here it is! In all of its unwanted glory by most people and long awaited excitement for mega fans, closet fans and those ones that can't seem to let go, it's the official first single from Rap/Rockers Limp Bizkit's long awaited return album Gold Cobra titled "Shotgun." I gotta admit if this were still the late 90s I'd be very excited to rock out to this but I honestly can't say the same now. I was hoping the track would have been alot more like the Gold Cobra leak "Walking Away" which reminds me alot of "Boiler" but this new single just reminds me of the same ol repetitive rap verse/heavy chorus Limp Bizkit formula.

I admit that I will be giving LB's Gold Cobra a listen to see how it holds up in modern times but with the sound of this single, I'm not holding my breath for anything groundbreaking, even if Lil Wayne is on the new album. Which he is. Anyways, let us know what you guys think or if you just feel like yelling at me for posting this. We like knowing our readers are alive and contributing either way.