[Watch] Jimmy Gnecco - "Mystery" (Video)

Our boy Audio Perv got the premiere on the video for the latest single from the most angelic of voices Mr. Jimmy Gnecco himself. The track, "Mystery" is from his latest album The Heart, which dropped last July.

I have loved Jimmy Gnecco for years now before he went solo from his group Ours. Never understood why this guy doesn't seem to see more success than I believe he deserves. I feel like he has the potential to be our generations Jeff Buckley (minus the drowning part, I hope).

Gnecco will be hitting the road starting Friday (6/24) for a stint of summer gigs throughout June, July and August. More dates will be announced shortly.

Check out the tour dates after the jump!

6/24/2011 Philadelphia, PA Northstar 9 pm
6/25/2011 Greensboro, NC BlindTiger, 8pm
6/29/2011 Atlanta, GA Rodriguez Room @Goat Farm, 9 pm
6/30/2011 Birmingham, AL Pale Eddie’s, 9 pm
7/2/2011 New Orleans, LA AllWays Lounge, 10 pm
7/5/2011 Orlando, FL The Plaza LIVE, 8 pm
7/7/2011Nashville, TN 12th & Porter, 8 pm
7/8/2011 Columbus, OH Rumba Café, 8 pm
7/10/2011 Cambridge, MA T.T. The Bear’s, 10:15 pm
7/14/2011 Vienna, VA JamminJava, 8 pm solo show
7/15/2011 New York, NY Culture Fix, 10 pm solo show
7/17/2011 New York, NY Studio at Webster Hall, 8 pm
7/28/2011Denver, CO The Walnut Room, 8 pm
7/31/2011Scottsdale, AZ Martini Ranch, 9 pm
8/4/2011 Austin, TX Stubb’s BBQ (inside room), 10 pm
8/5/2011 Dallas, TX The Prophet Bar, 8 pm

*stay tuned for additional dates