[Watch] Limp Bizkit - "Gold Cobra" (Video)

My buddy Shey McFez left this for me to post this morning...THANKS BUDDY!

So yeah, here it is. The official music video for Limp Bizkit's "Gold Cobra" which the only part I'm extremely happy about features one of my favorite skaters Mike Vallely. Check it out, voice your opinions loud, then if you still haven't had enough, head over to Myspace Music to stream the full LP or if you rather skip that but are interested on what it sounds like, check out our buddies over Antiquiet's review which caused such a stir that LB Guitarist Wes Borland responded to it. It's definitely an interesting awesome article, make sure you check it out even if you aren't "Limpin wit da bizkit" and you just enjoy good journalism.

Album of the year? Maybe? If it were 1999. Gold Cobra drops next Tuesday.

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