[Listen] Catherine Ringer - "Prends-Moi" Feat. John Frusciante (Produced By RZA)

Truth Hurts isn't the only one who has enlisted the awesome duo of Wu-Tang's RZA and former Chili Pepper John Frusciante for some awesome tunes, French artist Catherine Ringer features the two on the track "Prends-Moi" (Take Me in English) for her latest album Ring'n'Roll. The track is produced by RZA and features John laying down some sick licks on the track. This and the N.A.S.A. track "Way Down" Featuring Barbie Hatch really has me begging to hear more material from RZA & John. Hopefully, one day we'll get to hear the work the two worked on together a couple years back. Thanks to Invisible Movement for the heads up on this.