[Listen] Weezer - "You Might Think" (The Cars Cover)

As we saw not too long ago, Weezer tend to keep true to the originals when doing cover versions of songs. When they covered the iconic Radiohead song "Paranoid Android" Radiohead fans weren't best pleased with their attempt to copy their 'style'. Pfff. Today you can check out another cover from Rivers and co but this time it's not just off of their own backs for our entertainment. It's for the new Disney Cars film! Cars 2. The band cover The Cars' song "You Might Think" which featured on their 1984 album Heartbeat City. Via our friends over at Spinner you can take a listen to Weezer's take on it. Once again the band stay close to the original version so let's hope not too many Cars fans are annoyed at the loyalty to the original!

The Cars 2 soundtrack will be released June 14th via Disney while the film will hit theaters just over a week later on June 24th.