[News] Kid Koala Set To Release Graphic Novel/Score 'Space Cadet'

Finally, the time is here. Turntable mastermind Kid Koala is set to release his long awaited upcoming 132-page graphic novel Space Cadet on Ninja Tune this fall. The novel is drawn entirely on etchboards and will include a "still picture score" of music composed and recorded by Kid Koala.

Space Cadet tells the story of an adventurous space cadet and her guardian robot which touches on the relationship between technology and isolation, and celebrates the idea of connectivity through family and the cycles that build generations. The novel's score also brings the story to life, matching the stories mood with Koala’s own piano playing, strings, horns, marimba and and his trademark ability to manipulate the turntables. 

You can check out clips, as well as preorder, the upcoming release at Ninja Tune's website here. Space Cadet's score is set to release digitally on July 20th with the full physical release of the novel and score releasing this Fall on September 19th. Also check out Kid Koala's recent Daytrotter session here

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