[Listen] Justice - "Audio, Video, Disco" (Preview)

After a long and quiet silence after the release of their debut album, French electronic duo Justice finally jumped back into the spotlight earlier this year with the single "Civilization," which was also part of a highly publicized Adidas campaign. The pair has since announced that their sophomore album will be called Audio, Video, Disco and is dropping on October 25th via Ed Banger Records. As well, Ed Banger co-founder Busy P played one of Justice's new tracks during his HARD Summer performance. That track was "Audio, Video, Disco," and, courtesy of our good friends at 107.7 The End, we have a 15-second preview of the albums title, and closing, track. You can listen to the snippet below, and after the jump you can read a breakdown of each of the songs on the album, as described by the duo.

Justice - Audio, Video, Disco (Preview) by 1077 The End

We were scared sometimes, writing this record, only to ignite in our studio by composing pieces with drawers that sound like bad jazz-rock. We hope this is not the case and that this disc looks ather to an album of progressive rock played by guys who can do anything. We are not great musicians or great producers, but c’es tun poru advantage to this kind of music. Anyway, we did not try to make a record club. that, we’re not sure whether to do so.

We do not write titles one after the other or independently of the others then in order for haphazardly. Each of them is part of a set.
“Horsepower” was conceived as a way of opening. Opening the most “Olympics” as possible. We see it as a brutal piece of disco with one side a little Italian. It pener this advertising a brand of car we saw when we were children, with horses galloping like mad in the desert and eventually forming the logo of the brand. And the cartoon “Cobra” you looked at the same time, a Japanese and Italian co-production with a hero who has a laser arm Ala place.
We did not want to start this album so confusing. With “Horsepower” and “Civilization”, we are still in the world of the first album. These are the transmission belts between the two albums. He is an Englishman named Ali Love singing, it became a gay icon in spite of himself because of a disco-pop album that came out two years ago. Rapppelle his voice a little Prince. There are three different singers on this record, but we semblaitimportant to give the impression that all the songs were sung by the same people. We wanted to avoid at all costs the appearance “featuring”. We brought the singers in our studio to direct our own decision-voice in the least “expressive” as possible.
a tribute to Crosby, Stills & Nash, so obvious and true that there is not much to add. The singer Mignight Juggernauts sings this song. It’s funny, his voice is very processed and, ultimately, it sounds artificial. This is the kind of song that will surprise most fans of the first album of Justice. But “Ohio” seems perfectly natural and we are very similar. We did not try to confuse anyone by making this record, even if it will happen probably in the end. We need to go in new directions to stimulate us, but our project was not to reinvent ourselves. We even think it’s a bad habit of electro groups seeking to reinvent itself at all costs with each new album. If the public will find this disc think you’re always the same and while having evolved, this is the best.
An intro with some medieval style made with three guitars. One must admit, the word “medieval” was part of the “brief” mental we had done before recording this disc. He had to find a moen avoid sounding like medieval Manau (laughs) (adds: Manau is a french-band rap with celtic inspiration wich has a short success, they had produce song like “La tribu de Dana” or Mais Qui Est La Belette lol, we hope that this news album doesn’t like this )
It’s called like that because it’s simply to enjoy a canon (adds:like “Pachelbel’s canon”, a line aligned differently each time it returns. A gun guitar, with ranges that overlap, giving a side serial music. Another way too slow to be played in clubs and not enough pop to the delight of radios.
We can say that there is a dimension “progressive rock” in this record. A song like “canon” could easily enchainer variations for 20 minutes but was careful to stop at four so that no one, including us, is lost or is discouraged by the end of the song.
With Morgan Fallon, part of the rock band “Diamond Knight” we liked but that went completely unnoticed in the 2000s. He lives in Los Angeles and was sent to Paris to record. We wrote the lyrics with him, as always with the desire not to be too stupid to avoid clichés “Move your body”, without pretending to be Bob Dylan. Words always a little shifted. It is forbidden is always a certain number of words: “love”, “do you want”, that sort of turns. From these principles, we wrote all the texts of this album. If they sound good, and if in addition they have shifted a little twist, it won. Among the potential singers, it was thought time to Sparks, a group that loves their theatrical style, but it was soon realized that we would fall into the next “featuring” they sought to avoid.
“Minisymphonie” of synthesizer to Giorgio Moroder. For this is not too 80 years, we have a product with a very dry and a guitar that is reminiscent of Queen. Hence my title, a tribute to guitarist Brian May. originally it was more dance, but was eventually slowed to give it a dimension that touches us more sad. We love the sound of this song, it sums up the whole spirit of the disc.
The moment that allows you to rest before the final assault. On vinyl, this is the first music side B. As a slow, but with high intensity. It reminds us of a festival or a banquet. It has a glam pop of the 70s, as often on this album. We sing ourselves, as every time the voices are simple and do not require an impeccable English accent.
Even with Morgan Fallon. We needed another song with voices at the time of the disc, but something more simple. It is a hinge that takes us to the title probably the most in the album. There is a rapid transition in the middle, almost like a hard rock, but as yet still light. It is very warm in the end, with airy voice. He speaks of life’s failures. (adds: DAMNED! Justice begin to say something on their song!)
Canon yet, but more funky than others.We often joked with Pedro, saying that this album will be the “white” never released on Ed Banger. It produced a fairly hard right, little funky, but this title. This is another piece of drawers, changing several times atmosphere. This is the one that appeals most to fans of electronics. We are a bit like the first group of Lionel Richie, the Commodores.
It means “I hear, I see, I learn” in Latin, is the next single. After “civilization” is a great transition: it is more in the spirit of the rest of the disk even if no other way does it actually looks like. It runs to 152 BP, which is pretty fast, while remaining very sensitive. It is also the longest song on the disc, an ideal conclusion to the album and also for our future live-show.