[Watch & Download] Nick Zinner - 41 Strings

In celebration the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame led an orchestra ensemble to perform an original piece which he composed called 41 Strings. You can check out a documentary which details the complete making of the composition via the video above. The composition was created in collaboration with Hisham Akira Bharoocha and Ben Vida of Soft Circle, and seems to honor the classical tradition of concertos but with a more modern, rock 'n' roll feel that you would expect out of a guy like Zinner.

You can have a listen to the full arrangement below. The Creators Project was also nice enough to offer downloads of the individual tracks which you can grab as well.

41 Strings by creatorsproject

Download the individual tracks below:
41 Strings – “Fall”
41 Strings – “Winter”
41 Strings – “Spring”
41 Strings -"Summer"