[Watch] Yuck - "Rubber" Live in Room 205

Yuck's throw back sound has been met with open arms when visiting Room 205 in the first of a three part series. Performing an epic 10 minute version of "Rubber" from their self produced debut the director Michael Reich, editor Forrest Borie, and set designer Tamarra Younis threw together a 90's vibe with the footage being filmed on crappy VHS tapes the footage and the extended cut make for both a great listen that will mellow you out a little and an interesting feast of fuzzy images that will take you back to the home made videos of you childhood. You know the ones where the whole family would gather around the tiny TV to watch blurry footage chopped together by your would be Spielberg Granddad when all you wanted to be doing was playing with a Yo-Yo or something? 

Whatever, give the video a watch at the top. It's a lot better than the stuff your Grandad used to try and show you!