[Watch] Kasabian - "Days Are Forgotten" x "Velociraptor" Live on Jools Holland

On Tuesday evening the rapscallions that are Kasabian took to the Later...with Jools Holland studio to perform not one, but two tracks from their latest album, Velociraptor!. They player their recent single "Days Are Forgotten" before also doing a great rendition of the albums title track for the studio audience and viewers at home. I've said it before but I'll say it again, "Velociraptor" is going to be a huge festival song. ON the album with the processed drums it seems maybe a little lacking but live it comes into it's own and no doubt fans will be bellowing the chorus back and Sergio, Tom and co over the Summer months of 2012. Check out "Days Are Forgotten" at the top and "Velociraptor" after the jump"

Velociraptor! is out now so go pick it up if for some crazy reason you don't already own it!