[Watch] Pusha T x Tyler The Creator Perform "Trouble On My Mind" Live in New York

CoS points us into a video from Miss Info of a certain Mr Pusha T conducting his promo business for his upcoming EP Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray. Tyler The Creator appears side stage and then on stage out of nowhere to help Pusha put in a sold rendition of "Trouble On My Mind". Pusha and Tyler work well together and Tyler pulls out his standard drum along to the snare and shit eating grin moves. The salute and march also makes an appearance. The sound quality is a little hazy in places but hey, it's filmed on hand held, so kudos to Miss Info for the effort. Check it out above.

Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray is set to drop on September 27th and will feature 9 tracks (I know that's an album for some people but this is Pusha T, he does what he wants.) Let's hope more is to follow in the near future hey.