[Watch] Sigur Rós – "Varúð" (Official Video)

Sigur Rós have put forth the second-to-last video from their six-month-long "Valtari Mystery Film Experiment", yet another take on the beautifully chilling "Varúð". Directed by Björn Flóki, the video tells the tale of a young girl living in a post-apocalyptic world as she dreams about the flawless beauty and dazzling wonder of nature. This fits perfectly with what Flóki wanted to express: "When I listen to “Varúð” I feel this overlap and struggle between sadness and beauty, between darkness and light. An overwhelming feeling of being buried in darkness but being just barely able to escape into the light, if you try hard enough. This is the feeling I’ve tried to bring to the video." Watch it above.

Head here to watch all of the contributions to the "Valtari Mystery Film Experiment", including the overall winner of the competition, "Fjögur píanó", and the people's choice winner, "Dauðalogn".

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