[Listen] Oliver Tank - 'Dreams Remixed'

While many of you may have not heard of Oliver Tank, the 22-year-old Sydney musician has incredible, as is present on his Dreams EP, which he released back in late November. The EP solidified his ability to make beautifully atmospheric dreamwave music that actually told a coherent story over the course of six tracks. Now, a number of other Australian artists have remixed the Dreams EP, including Sleepyhands, Great Earthquake, Magic Silver White and True North. Each song on Dreams Remixed manages to keep the true intent of Tank's originals, such as the surrealistic and dreamy "Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion" or the entrancing "Embrace," all the while giving each song a brand new flavour. If you've yet to hear Oliver Tank's music, head here, and the entirety of Dreams Remixed is available to stream below.