[SKOA Presents] BBC 6 Music Blog Awards

Well this is a little treat isn't it?! This month BBC 6 Music has approached some awesome websites to choose a category for their inaugural BBC 6 Music Blog Awards. We were over the moon to be asked to take part and alongside us we have the The RecommenderDrowned in Sound, The QuietusOne For the PeopleNever Enough NotesFor Folk’s SakeThe 405 and Data Transmission putting forward categories. To see what they all chose head over to the BBC website.

Onto our category; How many albums do you truly listen to and never want to skip a track on? Be honest! Now, this is different for everyone, obviously, but we wanted to try and scope peoples attitudes to listening to albums in general. For me, ever since I was a kid listening to music was a getaway from reality but there was always a track on an album I'd be likely to skip on my walkman, you know? So that led us all to come put forward our category...The Album of the Year That You Never, Ever Skipped a Track On... yeah, it's a bit long for the plaque but think about it for a few minutes. Last year was a top year for albums as you can see from our best of 2011 list and we want you to put forward your votes on which album you truly never get bored of and don't want to skip a track on. It could be on our list or it could be left field. The album needs to have been released within the last year and for inspiration go look at our top 10 albums from last year over here. Whatever gets the most votes will win our award this Friday.

To vote you can leave a comment below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter but be sure to @ us and include the hashtag #Blog6Music so we don't miss any votes! The awards ceremony is set to take place this Friday on BBC 6 Music, from 7PM onwards and are presented by the wonderful Tom Robinson. START VOTING NOW and show your love for your favourite album. We'll add a shortlist later today of the front runners but for now, anything goes... 

See below for the other categories you can go and vote for:

Best Tease of the Last 12 Months – (The Recommender)
Tomorrow’s Cult Artist Today – (The Quietus)
Must See New Band for Summer 2012 – (Drowned in Sound)
Most Genre Defying Artist – (One For the People)
Unsung Hero – (Never Enough Notes)
The Writes Songs Joni Mitchell Would be Proud Of – (For Folk’s Sake)
Best Free Download Album – (The 405)
‘Superstar DJ’ in the Making – (Data Transmission)