[News] Plan B Announces New Film & Accompanying Soundtrack, 'iLL Manors'

Following the runaway success of his last album The Defamation of Strickland Banks, you'd of thought Plan B would've stuck to his singing voice but apparently he's going back to his raw beginnings. For his third studio album, iLL Manors, he's working on a project similar to his debut, Who Needs Actions, When You Got Words. NME even reported that the lead single is a little dubstep in sound but Ben himself described it as "bassline, soul, hip-hop." He went on to say: "The album has the lyrical depth of my first record but the musical composition is light years ahead as it's informed by everything I've learnt in the last five years - writing, producing and playing with a live band. I feel I'm better than I've ever been."

The album will soundtrack a movie which was written and Directed by the man himself and the album has been penned for a release date of May 7th via Atlantic Records with the film a week earlier.