[Listen] Bigg Jus (of Company Flow) "Black Roses" x El-P's Brooklyn Heatwave Mix

Company Flow ryhme spitter Bigg Jus returns for LP #4, Machines That Make Civilization Fun dropping May 8th via (Laitdbac/Module/Mush Records). The first single "Black Roses" from the upcoming album hit digital shelves this week which and features remixes from Saul Williams producer Thavius Beck and Company Flow co-hort El-P, marking the first studio collaboration between the Company Flow members since 1997's Funcrusher Plus. Check out the single as well as El-P's co-produced remix below.

With the groups recent live reunion and this collaboration, hopefully, we can get a 2nd Co Flow (technically 3rd, but Little Johnny From The Hospital was all instrumental) album in the near future. If you want to hear more from Jus' upcoming album, check out the track "Advanced Lightbody Activation" courtesy of Laitdbac Records.

UPDATE: Womp. Womp. Streams removed per label's request. Tracks still available to purchase at Amazon.com or streamed via Rdio.