[Watch] Young Liars - "Colours" (Official Video)

Vancouver-based indie outfit Young Liars, with only their debut Homesick Future EP to their name, are energetic, impressive and striking, with their brand of dance-infused indie rock being simply captivating and fun to listen to. The video for their first single "Colours" is equally as energetic and striking, as the band performs atop the Pioneer Cycling and Pedestrian Overpass in Surry, BC. The bridge is fitting for the song, as it is “[i]lluminated at night" with lights that "are programmed according to the season and in some cases, passing traffic.” Performing on the overpass, the Vancouver band's every guitar pluck, drum kick, and piano key are met with colourful, pulsating lights that drown the senses with visual splendour. Watch it above (via Consequence of Sound).