[Watch] Jay-Z Performs at BBC Radio One's Hackney Weekend feat. Rihanna, M.I.A. and Kanye West (FULL SET)

Every now and again you see a live performance that simply knocks your socks off. This was one of those sets. On Saturday evening I sat at home watching Jack White perform prior to Jay-Z's performance being broadcast. Apparently Jay's set was delayed so much because he too was watching Jack White and thoroughly enjoying the set. When the time came, Hova took to the stage with a surprise guest of Rihanna before the crowd seemed to well and truly loose their minds. 

As the set progressed, it was hit after hit and for such a large stage he managed to make it look like he was performing in a bedroom. Seriously, how can he do it so effortlessly? A surprise guest in the shape of M.I.A. took to the stage mid-set to perform "Paper Planes" and "Bad Girls" but mic problems meant no-one heard a word of "PP" and "Bad Girls" was pretty lackluster in all honesty. Everything was building up to something. Everybody hoped Kanye would make an appearance but he wasn't announced. The set finished, the stage went black and then "Otis" drops. From here on in it was pure madness. During the second run through of "Niggas In Paris" Jay stopped the set to ask people to open up a "Circle", by which I think he meant a pit but the crowd didn't seem to understand how to do this so well! Still, a great set that can be enjoyed, in full at the top. Look out for Beyonce loosing her mind to "Niggas In Paris" right at the end. Priceless.