[Listen] Carnivals - "Departners"

Last summer, UK musician Stewart Green, who goes under the moniker Carnivals, went on a voyage throughout the Indian Ocean, and he describes the profound experience as such: "Endless days … the limitless sky and the relentless ocean." The journey had more than an effect on Green himself, extending further into his music, and resulting in the Humility EP.

The experiences Green had overseas have brought a newfound flavour into the release, delivering an ambient, Indian-inspired sound to his already fantastic palette. The latest offering from the EP, which drops on August 7th, is "Departners". Over the course of its nearly four-minute span, the song delivers a sprawling wave of summer sounds, with distorted vocals and hazy, distant guitars amidst lulling bass swells and vibrant percussion. What's not to love? Stream it below, and make sure to follow Carnivals on both Facebook and Twitter.