[Listen] The Strokes Perform an Alternate Take on "Someday" Live on WFMU

Back in 2000, before The Strokes had even released their breakthrough debut LP Is This It, they stopped by WFMU’s The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T in December of that year to perform early cuts from the famed debut. Fake Walls points us in the direction of one of these early cuts, the alternate take on "Someday". This early rendition features slightly altered lyrics and a more distorted, less clean sound, but it's worth the listen. Stream it below.

The rest of The Strokes' set at WFMU includes "Alone Together", "NYC Cops", "Soma", "Barely Legal", "Modern Age", "Last Night", and "Take it or Leave it", all of which is available to stream at WFMU's archive.

The Strokes - "Someday" (alternate - live on WFMU) by yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoy