[Listen] Germany Germany feat. Kotomi - "With You"

Fellow Vancouver Islander Germany Germany, the solo project of Drew Harris, is set to release his new album Blank Mind Empty Heart on July 16th, and he's let loose a brand new single from the forthcoming effort titled "With You." Although I've listened to Germany Germany for quite some time, he's never been featured on SKoA before, so before I discuss the song I'll give a bit of background.

Drew Harris, who currently resides in Victoria, BC, has been making music under the Germany Germany moniker since 2010, and has since released numerous albums, EPs, and singles. If I could compare Germany Germany to anyone it would be Teen Daze, as both artists beautifully master the art of electronic music production. With each release, Harris manages to incorporate a mood that lingers with the utmost subtlety. Whether it's a feeling of nostalgia, childhood, or happiness, his instrumentation, vocals, and pacing meld with that seamlessly to the point that it seems almost unintentional, a beautiful creation as if by accident.

Now, Germany Germany is back with a new album, and it's looking to be his best yet. "With You" sees the Victoria musician teaming up with female vocalist Kotomi, a partnership that adds a beautiful dichotomy to the song. The song also sees the musician pushing his boundaries, exploring new sounds and new techniques that show how gifted he is as an artist. Below, you can listen to both "With You," as well as Germany Germany and Kotomi's previous collaboration, a remake of "Real Hero" (College/Electric Youth's song from the Drive soundtrack).

Follow Germany Germany on Twitter, Facebook, and Bandcamp, where several of his releases are available for free download.