[News] Bon Iver Announces Remix Competition

 If you've ever wanted to take the emotional, falsetto sounds of Bon Iver, then it's your lucky day. Justin Vernon and co. have announced the launch of a remix competition for their top-scoring sophomore album Bon Iver, Bon Iver. Starting right now, you can head here to download stems for all ten songs from the band's sophomore effort, and it's up to you what to do with it. The incentive? Each song will have a contest attached to it, and the prize is $1,000 per song for a total of $10,000. All of the submitted remixes will go up on Indaba Music, with the public being able to vote on their favorites. From there, the band will take the highest voted remixes and decide on the definite winners. The top ten remixes (one per song), will be compiled into a full album released exclusively through Spotify.

The contest will be running until August 29th, after which the winners will be announced in the third week of September. The top ten chosen will receive $1,000 and a place on the remix album. To give fans an idea of what they could do for the competition, S. Carey has let loose his remix of "Minnesota, WI", which you can stream below if you have a Spotify account.