[Listen] RY X - "Berlin"

It's always nice when something arrives in the inbox that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It's even nicer when you get something that makes the hairs on the hairs stand up. Know what I'm saying? RY X did just that for me today when his EP Berlin arrived. A little late to the party you could say on our end? Maybe... but I'd rather be late than miss the party all together and I have a feeling this party is just getting started. The LA based via Australia artist puts together beautifully arranged, simple, acoustic joys. The kind of music you'd listen to while staring longingly out of a train window hour after hour. It's music to get lost in. Music to move you. Music from and artist who truly is paving himself a road to fans the world over. It's quite simply stunning. Check out the title track "Berlin" below and if you want, head over to Spotify to check out the full EP. Or you could just buy it and show some love that way.

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