[Watch] Biffy Clyro - "Sounds Like Balloons" (Live Video)

I've gone off on numerous rants on Twitter regarding people at gigs that seem to watch the entire show through the 3 inch screen of their phone instead of watching the big picture that's happening right in front of their very face a few feet away. Take a quick snap if you like, and then be done with it. Don't spend the entire gig filming shoddy low quality video that you're never going to use. Chances are you're at the gig with people you'd show the video to anyway so just stop it. Cheers. Anyway, Biffy Clyro have taken my pet peeve and used it to their advantage by having fans send in clips from their UK arena tour and used them to compile a live video for "Sounds Like Balloons" patched together with some pro-shot footage. It does work pretty well at giving you a snapshot into what it was like down in the crowd on the tour and all in all, it carries across the energy too. I'm still not a fan of the ever growing use of phones at gigs but it's the times we live in. Check out the video above and be sure to check out one of my favourite albums from this year, Opposites, which came out back in February.

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