[Watch] Lulu James - "Sweetest Thing" (Official Video)

The soul filled northern wonder that is Lulu James is slowly but surely stomping her foot into the UK scene. We may of only had a handful of songs from her this year but everyone has been absolutely sublime. Her latest single, "Sweetest Thing", is due for release on November 3rd via RCA and she's just offered up the monochromatic visual for the track. A simple yet effective accompaniment sees Lulu performing the track in a slightly more understated fashion in comparison to her previous clips. It fits the song nicely though, as I feel this shows a bit more of a gentle and more affectionate side to her matching the love filled lyrics and a subtle delivery. Lulu is currently supporting Ellie Goulding on tour and will be part of Annie Mac's AMP tour in November. It's certainly looking like Lulu is set to take the world by storm in 2014 when she delivers her album.

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