[Watch] Beach House's Short Film 'Forever Still'

Early last month Beach House released their video for "New Year", which was comprised of footage from the band's time in Tornillo, Texas, where they recorded last year's Bloom. But, the band didn't stop there. During their recording sessions at the Texas studio they compiled loads of beautiful footage, and now it comes together in the short film Forever Still. The 26-minute clip spans a full day, from dusk till dawn, with the band performing in the serene panoramas of the Texas desert. Here's what Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally had to say about it:

We performed/recorded four songs from Bloom outdoors, in various locations that are special for us around El Paso and Tornillo, Texas. The film follows the passing of one night, starting at sunset and ending at dawn."

Watch Forever Still above.

(via Pitchfork.tv)

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