[Watch] Muse - "Panic Station" (Official Video)

Muse are probably one of the biggest bands in the world right now. Their latest release, The 2nd Law, may have divided opinion, but they sure as hell look like they're having fun with it. The video they released late yesterday to accompany the out there track "Panic Station" is a great example of a band not taking themselves too seriously. I mean, look at it. Strutting around in absolutely ridiculous outfits it's sure to say these rock titans still find it amusing to poke fun at themselves and I say, good on 'em. The band have been known to play pranks and mess around since the early oughties. They have, on numerous occasions, played badly set up kits, done forward rolls, and even changed instruments when asked to mime on TV shows, and even gone as far as to be interviewed as one another afterwards.

Bands take note: it's all just a bit of fun, so don't take yourselves seriously 24/7. The dinosaur, giant lady, slap bass, feather jacket filled video can be seen above.