[Listen] Men's Adventures - 'Solitary Trip' (Full EP Stream)

How about some brand new music from a band we've never mentioned before to get you in the mood for the weekend? London duo Men's Adventures are made up of Jimmy Casson, 27, and Alfie Smith, 26, longtime friends who take their name from the 60's and 70's comic book series. They have offered up their EP Solitary Trip for listening in full. The opening track "BB Vulture" has me riding a horse across the desert in my mind and by the end of the EP I'm sat atop a mountain watching the sun set. It's quite the ride, and well worth a portion of your day. I can't guarantee you'll have the adventure I did in my head though. Nice and relaxed to help you wind down from a stressful week in the office. Check it out in full below and look out for it when it's released via Dirty Bingo Records on the 24th of June.