[Listen] Manchester Orchestra - "Cope"

Manchester Orchestra are going to release their new album COPE in a few weeks and in anticipation of that CoS have premiered the title track, and it's absolutely huge. Screeching guitars and a lead riff that will surely tear the roof off many a venue this year make up the track. Andy's vocal range is once again utilised to piece together a perfect roller coaster of a track. Sewing together quiet and loud elements, the song that closes out the band's new album is one hell of a message of what you can expect upon release. 

Set for release on April 1st via Loma Vista Recordings/Favorite Gentlemen, the album was recorded completely in their home studio, built by the band themselves. For me, the album sees the Atlanta band returning to form and delivering a magical piece of their history that will be remembered long after they're gone. Turn it up loud and hit play below.