[Night Out] FIDLAR @ Webster Hall (09/26/2015)

Ah, to be a #teen again. I knew that the crowd at LA band FIDLAR's show would be full of some rambunctious younger characters, but I was not adequately prepared for the intensity level of said crowd. I'm trying to recall the last time that I was at a show where the floor wavered underneath me to the point where I thought it was going to give way. I think it was Pearl Jam at MSG back in 2010? At any rate, between the ground quaking and ducking many a crowdsurfer during their opening number, I was at peak stress levels after their 3-song limit in the photo pit was over.

Upon reuniting with my guest for the evening, Brittney, I was quickly equally saddened and enraged to hear that a fellow showgoer had taken the liberty of reaching under her skirt and feeling her up in the short period of time that we were apart. It's hard to watch the generation behind me lose sight of how important the community aspect of show-going. More importantly, it never ceases to infuriate me that although women are statistically financially more supportive of music than men that we continue to be subjected to a lack of common courtesy. It was hard to shake the vibe that brought to the evening, what with the smell of puberty lingering in the air, so we bowed out before the bandfinished up their energy-packed set.

Check out Fidlar's latest album Too which is out now courtesy of Mom + Pop Music.

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