[Watch] Anoraak - "Heart Out (Official Video)"

Happy Monday everyone!

If you're like me, you're back behind a desk trying to contribute to society in exchange for a paycheck. If you wish you were dancing instead of working, take a quick break and watch some talented folks bust a move in French producer Anoraak's new video for "Heart Out", from his Figure EP, which was one of my favorites from 2016. I didn't elaborate then about how much I love this EP, but if you haven't given this EP a spin you are truly missing out. It's funny because for how chill this EP is it ends up warming you straight through to your core. This works out quite well today given how stupid cold it is in New York, so I was happy to stumble across this. 

From the looks of his Facebook page this isn't the last video we'll be getting from this EP, which pleases me greatly because it gives me more chances to convert you all. If you like what you hear and think he's worth me hunting down for an interview make sure to drop me a comment, mkay? 

Ugh why are you still reading go watch + listen! 

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