[Listen] San Scout - "In/Balance"





So I don't know how you Spotify, but since I accepted that Rdio (RIP) wasn't going to reign supreme I figured I would try to see if there were more interesting ways to use Spotify than what they primarily suggest you do. 

You may occasionally peruse your Discover Weekly playlist, but one of the many things I do to take advantage of The Algorithm™ is follow some of my friends' playlists whose taste I trust to see what gets sent their way.  

Enter: London duo San Scout, who I stumbled across a couple of days ago amidst my scavenging. I'm bummed I missed out on supporting the launch of their latest track, "In/Balance", which I have since tested on my commute to and from work as well in the shower which I danced happily to. This dropped back in November complete with a fun little activation over on their website that they made themselves (#respect). If you feel like killing some time, upon heading to the site you can create your own "bootleg" of the song simply by typing whatever you feel like into the text box. It's fairly limited in terms of what you can do, but still a fun minute or two. 

Right so back to the track lol. This song is absolutely my new obsession. I love how their lush vocals glide along the playfully punchy synths. We know how I feel about harmonies so this was a no brainer. Also they manage to make a dog bark sample seem like it's completely normal to be there. Love love love that. 

The band also released an EP last year with some tasty tracks on it called EP1Definitely worth a listen as well. 

Ooo from the looks of things recently they've trying to get people to text them: 

UK fam - who wants to text them nice things and tell me how it goes? Wait, does T-Mobile charge for international texts? I'll check later and if not maybe I'll see if they'll do an impromptu interview haha. 

Once you fall in love with "In/Balance" be sure to befriend these fine fellows: 

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