Let The Algorithm™ Move You: Musings On Spotify Related Things Coming Soon

Ever since I went all in on my support for Spotify I have increasingly become obsessed with how music consumption is changing based on the technologies that have been developed. It will not surprise you to know that I am a person who is always frantically looking for new music. My mission has always been the same since I was a #teen: find the best stuff, support the best stuff, share the best stuff. 

Prior to digital music rising to its current prominence, I used to stroll aimlessly through record shops looking at album artwork inquisitively and buying things at random hoping that they would be good. The features Spotify have rolled out over the past couple years have both broken my brain and my discovery/consumption habits. Sometimes it's in a good way, sometimes in a way I worry will negatively effect the music community. I often wonder if this happens to other people, so I have decided to include this as things that I talk about here. 

Do you do interesting things with Spotify to discover music? Have you made a friend with someone who followed you on Spotify? Has streaming changed your music consumption habits for better or for worse? These are things I want to explore. 

More soon! In the meantime, please enjoy the delightfully random things The Algorithm™ delivers to me. :)