[SONG OF THE DAY] Chris Ayer - "Need Somebody"


Last week Cali crooner Chris Ayer shared his latest single, “Need Somebody”, which will promptly deliver a swift hit right in the feels so prepare yourself. The song details the feeling in your gut when you know that you’re in a relationship that’s bad for you but you don’t want to break up because you’ve gotten so attached to them.

Been there, bro. It fucking sucks.

I really admire the amount of vulnerability that’s been coming through with the last few singles he’s released. If you haven’t peeped “Ringing In My Ears”, “11:59”, and “Stranger” definitely love yourself enough to go have a listen to those as well.

NY fam mark your calendars: Chris Ayer will be opening for Matt Simons at Mercury Lounge this Thursday (11/15) which means you have more than enough time to learn all of these new songs. 😎