[SONG OF THE DAY] Pavo Pavo - "Check The Weather"

 Photo credit: Emmanuel Olunkwa

 Photo credit: Emmanuel Olunkwa

On the heels of the release of their sophomore full-length album, Mystery Hour, Brooklyn’s Pavo Pavo shared a video on Friday for my personal favorite track on the album, “Check The Weather”. Directed by Charlotte/Charles Ercoli, the video is the age old tale of a man and dolphin-man falling in love.

……sounds completely normal right? lmao.

As the band explained how the video came about, “ [We] wanted something for this track that similarly treads that line of touching and bizarre. [Charlotte/Charles Ercoli] found this internet phenomenon of prosthetic dolphin masks, and had the idea to tell a classic plot-driven love story between two dolphins.” They went on to share, “Ideally we want it to look like some crap we found in a corner of the internet and sync’ed up with our song, but then when we make a cameo at the end it becomes clear that we made it - hoping the response is, ‘huh, that’s weird that they made this.’”

Personally this is the kind of weird we need more of in this life, which is why I am forever team Pavo Pavo.

If you haven’t grabbed a copy or streamed a ton of micropennies for Mystery Hour yet, please love yourself enough on this (hopefully) lazy Sunday and snuggle up to this album this afternoon.


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