[SONG OF THE DAY] Emotional Oranges - "Someone Else"

Emotional Oranges 2019

LA’s mystery collective Emotional Oranges have returned with another sampling from their forthcoming debut 8-song compilation, The Juice: Vol I, which drops on May 10th. Following up, “Built That Way”, their latest “Someone Else” is the first time that the group collaborated with someone outside of their team. This time around the group teamed up with Dante Jones of THEY., ,who produced the track. The song is all about openly telling your partner that if you’re unhappy in the relationship that they can simply find someone else.

Shortly after The Juice: Vol I drops the group will kick off their Chill Baby Chill tour on May 20th in Toronto. Tickets are sold out for most dates but def going to be worth trying to go check out.

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