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Some Kind of Awesome Radio - 07/11/2015
Typing up all the show notes this week for once because I love you, fam. 

Typing up all the show notes this week for once because I love you, fam. 

YES! I'M ACTUALLY DOING SHOW NOTES FOR THIS WEEK! #sorrynotsorry but like I said in this week's episode I've been dealing with a bit of blogger burnout and even though doing the show is very therapeutic for me when you see how thorough I intend to be moving forward you will understand why I put this off for as long as I could. Again, I really appreciate those of you who listen and never get the promised show notes. NO MORE BROKEN PROMISES! Just quality #content in addition to a bunch of other new things in the works right now. 

Hope you enjoyed this weeks show! Feel free to drop a comment here or hit me up on Twitter. I'd love to hear what you thought of this week's picks!

Until next week!



BONUS JUST FOR YOU FAM! I'm also making playlists on Spotify for every single show. NO SHUFFLE THO BECAUSE THAT'S CHEATING! Additionally, as the shows become available on iTunes I will update each post with a link to the show for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! 

[Listen] ANAMAI - "Lucia"
Anna Mayberry of ANAMAI (also of  HSY )

Anna Mayberry of ANAMAI (also of HSY)

After falling in love with HSY during CMJ last year I wanted to dig deep to make sure I was a well informed fan of the Canadian noisy-punk outfit. In my researching I learned that singer/guitarist Anna Mayberry is a multi-talented badass. In addition to giving the guys in her band a run for their money with the fire she throws down, she's also a dancer/choreographer who is working on/possibly may have completed her BFA in Contemporary Dance at Concordia AND has an experimental folk side project of her own called ANAMAI with fellow Canadian David Pstuka of Egyptrixx/Hiawatha fame. After a dropping a self-titled EP in 2013, the duo will be releasing their debut full length, Sallows, which is slated for a March 10th 2015 release on Buzz Records. 

The first sampling from Sallows is the delightfully dreary lead track, "Lucia". The song exudes a heaviness that forces you to stop dead in your tracks to give it your undivided attention. The music is equally simplistic as it is heavy, showcasing a dichotomy between Mayberry's elegant and borderline breathy vocals over delicately sludgy strumming. 

Have a listen to "Lucia" below. 

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