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[Watch] Monarchy - "You Don't Want To Dance With Me" Feat. Britt Love (Official Video)

Last week we got to hear a new cut from Monarchy for their track "You Don't Want To Dance With Me" which featured the delightful vocal work of Britt Love. As we also mentioned, we were expecting a video from the duo and Britt for the infectiously poppy tune rather soon. Today that video is delivered to you in jilted fashion at the top of the page. The visual sees the synth-pop duo and Britt Love rotating around constantly throughout whilst they go about swapping vocal duties. Add to this the creepy split screen moments and blue lighting and you're left with little bit of a spacey starlight feeling vid.

"You Don't Want to Dance With Me" is due via 100% Records on the 24th of October. There's also a pretty damn good remix of the track from Bondax which you can wrap your ears around over here.

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[Listen] Monarchy - "You Don't Want To Dance With Me" Feat. Britt Love

Check out the new single from Monarchy which has a guest spot from Mini Viva's Britt Love and is titled "You Don't Want To Dance With Me". The single is out on the 24th of October via 100% Records. We should be expecting a video for the track quite soon as Britt recently said on twitter that she'd shot a video for this very track and was soon to get the first edit of it. We'll be keeping our beady eyes on the look out for that so don't worry your pretty little heads about that.

For now, stream the great pop tune below. Ra Black and Britt Love's vocals work exceedingly well together so what are you waiting for? Get your fill below.

You Don't Want To Dance With Me (feat. Britt Love) by Monarchy

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