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[Watch] Check Out Kanye West, Justin Timberlake and Daft Punk at the VMAs

NOTE: As with much of MTV's content, most of the videos below are only available to watch in the United States.

The MTV Video Music Awards took place in Brooklyn last night, with highlights and missteps fueling a ton of Twitter banter. One of the best moments from the event had to be Kanye West's performance of "Blood on the Leaves." The chilling, live rendition was lit solely by Steve McQueen's famous photograph "Lynching Tree," a haunting visual to pair with the Yeezus track. Watch it below.

Justin Timberlake also took to the stage during the VMAs, dishing out a medley of hit singles—this included "Take Back the Night," "SexyBack," "My Love," "Cry Me A River" and "Señorita." He was then joined on stage by his former ‘N Sync mates, a reunion moment few thought would ever happen. Justin, J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick performed "Girlfriend" and "Bye Bye Bye" before Justin closed solo with "Suit & Tie" and "Mirrors."

The much publicized Daft Punk VMA tease didn't end with a performance as we had hoped, but rather with a simple presenting appearance. Joined by Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers, the robotic duo presented the award for Best Female Video (if you were interested, Taylor Swift won). Not exactly worth bailing out on Stephen Colbert, was it?

On the other hand, making their appearance worth it was a preview of the duo's new video for "Lose Yourself To Dance." Serving as the latest single off Random Access Memories, the song's visual treatment is similar that of "Get Lucky" albeit much more shiny. Check it out below.

[News] Here's Why Daft Punk Wasn't on Tonight's Episode of The Colbert Report

So, excitement was pretty high earlier today when Stephen Colbert's website confirmed an appearance by Daft Punk on tonight's episode of The Colbert Report as part of Colbchella '013. Lo and behold, the robotic duo were nowhere to be found. During the opening segment of the show, Colbert explained why:

Here’s the story: it’s a true story. We booked click and clack over here about a month ago. This network is owned by Viacom, which is also the owner of MTV… Apparently, Daft Punk are going to make a surprise appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards. Don’t tell anyone, because fun fact: no one told me until two hours ago."

Apparently MTV has an exclusive for a live television performance by Daft Punk, and they, and parent company Viacom, nixed the chances of a visit to The Colbert Report. Too bad for them, 'cause Robin Thicke took the title of "new song of the summer" with "Blurred Lines." Colbert took it even further, dishing out a "Get Lucky" montage featuring Hugh Laurie, Jeff Bridges, the cast of Breaking Bad, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon and more. Watch it below.

Daft Punk will be performing during the MTV Video Music Awards on August 25th, during which Kanye West is also scheduled to perform.

[News] Confirmed! Daft Punk to Perform on The Colbert Report Tonight

The electronic music duo Daft Punk helps Stephen perform the song of the summer at this years Colbchella."

I guess it's official, then. Daft Punk will join Stephen Colbert tonight on The Colbert Report to perform "the songs of the summer, of the century" for Colbchella '013. The above words were posted on Colbert's website earlier today, confirming what he has been teasing this past week. It hasn't been confirmed which song they will perform, but "Get Lucky" is the likely candidate. And given that "Get Lucky" collaborator Nile Rodgers is the guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight, perhaps he'll stop by The Colbert Report as well. We'll find out tonight when the episode airs. Tune in at 11:30 ET.

[Watch] A Quick Behind-the-Scenes Look at Daft Punk and Karlie Kloss' New York Photo Shoot

Daft Punk recently joined supermodel Karlie Kloss in New York City for a Vogue magazine photo shoot. All decked out in fine suits and shimmering robot helmets, the pair walked the streets with Kloss. A new, brief behind-the-scenes video gives us a better look at their time during the shoot, soundtracked by the Random Access Memories opener "Give Life Back To Music." Watch it below.

[Listen] Check Out Daft Punk's 10-Minute Remix of their Own Hit Single "Get Lucky"

Darkside sure got the jump on Daft Punk, remixing the entirety of Random Access Memories before the robotic duo could even release the first of their promised remixes. Nonetheless, here it is, the epic ten-minute self-remix of "Get Lucky." Unfortunately, it's only available to Spotify members, so too bad for those living outside of these countries. No need to worry, though, the remix will be released digitally on July 15th. Stream the song or check out its awesome 47-second teaser clip below.

[Listen] Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington Remix the Entirety of Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories'

Daft Punk have said they plan to remix their latest album, Random Access Memories, but Nicolas Jaar and frequent collaborator/friend Dave Harrington—together they go by Darkside—went ahead and did it first.

Titled Random Access Memories Memories, the collaboration sees the friends reimagining the album in a less poppy light, shifting the tone to something more sensual and ambient. Most of the vocals are gone, or spliced and altered. The '70s sheen is less prominent. This is dancier, heavier and more sexual. Assuming the name Daftside, Jaar and Harrington provide the soundtrack to every hot, steamy summer night you may have.

[Watch] The Roots Cover "Get Lucky" on Jimmy Fallon, Rap Over Mario's Iconic Theme Song

Jimmy Fallon's suggestion box has led to some pretty iconic moments for the late night host, such as this highlight. This week saw not one but two awesome moments courtesy of requests from Fallon fans. First was the introduction of Black Simon & Garfunkel (aka ?uestlove and “Captain” Kirk Douglas), who covered Daft Punk's radio-consuming single "Get Lucky" with quiet grace. The only downside is that the folksy cover lasts a minute and a half.

Next up was The Roots' frontman Black Thought. In honor of Video Game Week on Late Night, Mario's iconic 8-bit theme song gets a hip-hop reworking. Watch Black Thought spit fireballs over the theme below.

[Watch] Kanye West Performs A Cappella Version of "New Slaves"

Yesterday night Kanye West held a listening party in the Swiss town of Basel. While showing off his soon-to-be-released album Yeezus he pressed pause and performed an a cappella version of "New Slaves." He also gave a shout out to Daft Punk, saying they collaborated with him on the song "On Sight." Check out the live performance below.

Kanye also did a rare interview with Jon Caramanica of The New York Times, his first in years. The interview, which took place last month at Shangri-la Studio in Malibu, was published this week. In it, Kanye spoke honestly about his whole career, from The College Dropout to Yeezus.  He gave his thoughts on how he fits into the music industry, as well as pop culture. He openly discusses the incident with Taylor Swift and the one during Hurricane Katrina. It's a fantastic interview, one worth reading simply because Kanye is so fascinating. Check it out here.

Yeezus is out on June 18th.