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[Listen] Mondo Generator - "The Last Train" Feat. Josh Homme x John Garcia

I must say that I did not see this coming following the whole Kyuss Lives! debacle but hey, we're definitely not going to complain. Our buddies over at Antiquiet point towards a new track from Nick Oliveri's band Mondo Generator and it features not only Kyuss singer John Garcia but Josh Homme too. I know, how awesome is that! AQ also point to an interview with Let There Be Talk on The Laugh Factory in which Nick talks about how him and Josh have smoothed everything over now. 

The track features on Mondo's new album Hell Comes To Your Heart which is out now.

[News] Kyuss Lives! To Record New Album

You know when you get into bands when you're younger and you think it's the best thing ever, Led Zep, The Beatles all that kind of stuff, but obviously you think you'll never get the chance to see them live? Well earlier this year I was overly excited to find out that Kyuss would be touring, minus Josh Homme, which kind of sucks, under the name Kyuss Lives! 

If that wasn't enough, today it's come out that the guys may even be recording a new album, in an interview with Rocksound Garcia said; "Our rehearsals are going so well that we’re thinking of doing another record...This is brand new information that has been leaked to Rock Sound first; Brant, Nick and myself have collectively agreed that once everything is done live and we’re done with our solo projects, we’re going to do another record" Exciting stuff whether it's with or without Josh this is still something a lot of people can begin to get excited about. Check out what he had to say about Josh after the jump along with the tour dates if you missed them.

In relation to the whole Josh not being a part of the reunion and tour John added, "I have nothing bad to say about Josh – he’s extremely intelligent, very smart, a great guitar player, great song writer, a great vocalist – he is a bad ass, there is no question and I love him dearly but he is busy with his own thing...He has Them Crooked Vultures, Queens Of The Stone Age, he’s a father, a businessman and even if we asked him to do it, I don’t think he’d say yes, so I don’t want to set myself up for a big fat no which is 99.9 percent what he would say."

So, there you have it if you were already getting pumped to see your favourite stoner band early next year you'll have the added buzz of possible new material on the horizon too. 


31 - NOTTINGHAM Rock City

01 - WOLVERHAMPTON Wulfrun Hall

02 - LONDON The Forum

03 - LONDON The Forum


05 - MANCHESTER Academy

06 - BRISTOL O2 Academy

You can still pick up some tickets over here.

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