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Jack White Writes Theme Song For Elvira's Movie Macabre

Nashville Scene is reporting that one of our favorite people in the world, Jack White is writing the theme song for the return of Movie Macabre (aka Elivra's Movie Macavbre), a TV show that ran from 1981-1983 that was alot like Mystery Science Theater 3000 before MST3K even existed.  

The show is due to air September 25th on syndicated stations across the U.S., according to Cassandra Peterson (via Fangoria), who stars as Elvira in the show.

The show actually sounds pretty cool! According to an interview she did with Mondo Celluloid, Peterson says all the movies that will be on the show have all been digitally remastered so the show will be in HD. She's brought on Gris Grimely, an artist who is known for his dark children's books to do the intro and Jackie White is contributing to the music of the show. Further into the interview she reveals that Jack did a song with The Black Belles (video for "What Can I Do?" above) and that will be the theme song for the show. Regarding the song, Peterson said,

"It’s kinda spooky and cool - you guys are gonna dig it, man. We’re gonna make a vinyl out of it. Day-Glo vinyl!"