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[SKOA Mixtape] "Love to Love U" - Sexy Songs for Valentine's Day Mix from SproutDr

With Valentine's Day approaching the sexy beasts here at SKoA want to spread some love to our fellow freaks in the sheets.

We are creatures. Sensual, enigmatic, primal creatures who are happily motivated and aroused by textures, sound patterns, and colors. "Sexy times" with oneself, a partner, or perhaps even an orgy (oh behave! ....or don't) may summon your inner mixtape making master to create the ultimate come-hither soundtrack. Here's an inviting peek into some salacious tracks that may stir your wanton soul.

So don't make me beg (or do if that's your thing) you to listen to my list of eargasms. Go ahead get turned on and be my Valentine.

XoXo Sproutdr XoXo

[Watch] Perfume Genius' Take-Away Show

The beautiful Perfume Genius can now be added to the list of people who have performed a rather special session for the good people at La Blogotheque and their Take-Away Shows.  The young talent performed three cuts from his release, Put Your Back N 2 It. "Hood", "Normal Song" and "Dark Parts" all make an appearance. The former two can be seen at the top with "Dark Parts" up for your enjoyment after the jump.